The energy sector in Senegal has for several years gone through a deep and complex crisis. This has led to malfunctions throughout the sector despite various strategies and reforms implemented and significant financial resources mobilized. Energy plays a vital role in the economic and social development of any country; and Senegal can not achieve its full economic growth without the energy sector achieving optimal performance.

The Government has therefore decided to boost this sector with a view to creating the conditions for an emerging Senegal. This involves the provision of diversified energy services including renewable energies, in sufficient quantity and at competitive prices.

The National Agency for Renewable Energies has been created to take charge of the promotion and development of these alternative energies, in all their forms: solar energy, wind energy, biomass, tidal power and water. small hydraulic.

The Government’s ambition in this context is to increase the contribution of renewable energies to the national energy balance, which is currently around 0.6%, by 20% in 2017, and to support research and cooperation to ensure their contribution. anchoring in the country’s economic activities.


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