It is a pleasure to welcome you on the website of the National Agency for Renewable Energies of Senegal (ANER).

The Agency was established by the Decree 2013-684 of May 17th 2013 ; it reflects the commitment of the Senegalese authorities to provide an appropriate and sustainable solution to the deep energy crisis, that the country has been experiencing over the past few years; with its economic, social and environmental impacts.

For our non-oil-producing country, the option is to diversify energy sources by integrating renewable energies whose exploitable potential is proven nowaday.

Solar energy is the most distributed and most important source of renewable energy in the country, although there is considerable potential for the other sources, such as wind, biomass and hydraulics.

ANER seeks to materialize the vision of an Emerging Senegal which requires an adequate supply of energy at affordable prices and in accordance with the requirements of sustainability for our households, businesses and institutions.

I am convinced that with the support of all citizens and the support of our national and international partners, the Agency will respond adequately to the country’s energy challenge.

I invite all Senegalese, including those from the Diaspora, to share their ideas and their suggestions with us, for a better effectiveness of our mission.

In addition ; a particular emphasis will be placed on a targeted cooperation strategy at national, sub-regional and international levels. This will enable us to leverage the intellectual, technical and financial expertise and resources available in this field, to better equip ourselves in the accomplishment of our mission.

We are therefore ready and willing to answer your questions on renewable energy in Senegal and on the mission of the Agency for their promotion.

Thank you visiting our website !

Djiby Ndiaye