Senegal is located in the northern hemisphere and extends between the 12th and 17th degree of north latitude and the 12th and 17th degree of west longitude. The climate changes from north to south, from the dry Sahelian character with precipitations of about 300 mm in the north to the rainy tropical character with precipitations up to 1300 mm in the south. In all regions, the rainiest months are July, August and September.

Given the geographical position of Senegal, we can consider a fairly balanced level of solar radiation during the year, but with reductions during the rainy season.

Solar data in Senegal :

Source : Report Diagnosis on the basis of existing information_MVV DECON_November 2010


Annual radiation



Average radiation / day


Net specific annual production


2200 6,03 1804
2100 5,75 1722
2000 5,48 1640
1900 5,21 1558
1800 4,93 1476

Net specific annual photovoltaic production