The missions of ANER are defined in the article 2 of the Decree 2013-684 of May 17th, 2013, on its creation, its organization and its functioning. This article stipulates that ANER’s mission is to promote the use of renewable energies, including bioenergy, in all sectors of activity in Senegal. As such, the agency is in charge of:

  • participating in the definition and formulation of energy policy, in particular in renewable energies;
  • contributing in the development of an attractive legislative and regulatory framework for the development of renewable energies;
  • identifying, evaluating and exploiting the potential of available and economically exploitable renewable energy resources in the different regions of the country ;
  • popularizing the use of equipment for the production of electricity from renewable sources ;
  • carrying out prospective and strategic studies for the development of renewable energies;
  • developing and implementing national renewable energy projects and programs and ensure their coherence;
  • carrying out technical, economic and financial studies of renewable energy projects and monitoring implementation;
  • contributing to the improvement of research and development and encouraging technological inventions concerning renewable energies;
  • implementing communication, education and training programs to demonstrate the benefits of renewable energies technically, economically, socially and environmentally
  • participating in the promotion of the emergence and development of companies involved in the field of renewable energies and encouraging investment in this sector;
  • identifying and exploiting innovative financing mechanisms for the development of renewable energy, including Carbon Finance ;
  • developing bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of renewable energies;
  • working in the field of energy management, in close collaboration with the “Agency for the Economy and Energy Management”.