What is solar energy?

Solar energy is a source of energy that depends on the sun. This energy makes it possible to manufacture electricity from photovoltaic panels or solar thermal power plants, thanks to the sunlight captured by solar panels.

The sun, although distant more than 150 million kilometers from us, remains our largest source of energy even if it is intermittent.

It is a clean energy that emits no greenhouse gases and its raw material, the sun, is available all over the world, free and inexhaustible.

How does a solar installation work?

Three elements are needed for a photovoltaic system: solar panels, an inverter and a meter.

These three elements make it possible to recover the energy transmitted by the sun, to transform it into electricity and then to distribute it to all the customers connected to the network.

integrated into the roof, the solar panels convert the light directly into direct electrical current
the inverter then transforms the electricity obtained into ac compatible with the network
the meter measures the amount of current injected into the network


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