What is renewable energy?

An energy is said to be renewable when it comes from sources that nature is constantly renewing, as opposed to non-renewable energy whose stocks are depleted….

Renewable energies come from 2 major natural sources: the Sun (at the origin of the cycle of water, tides, wind and plant growth) and the Earth (which gives off heat).

Nicknamed “clean energies” or “green energies”, their exploitation generates very little waste and polluting emissions but their energy power is much lower than that of non-renewable energies.

From 2000 meters altitude to 2000 meters underground, discover some of the renewable energies.



source: https://www.edf.fr/groupe-edf/espaces-dedies/l-energie-de-a-a-z/tout-sur-l-energie/le-developpement-durable/qu-est-ce-qu-une-energie-renouvelable

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